Boston University, W. Bradford Ingalls Engineering Resource Center

Boston, Massachusetts

The W. Bradford Ingalls Engineering Resource Center at Boston University provides students with a variety of study opportunities within the College of Engineering. The facility, a renovated automobile service building, contains a help desk, e-mail stations, and areas for individual and group study.

In the open area, study carrels are arranged for one or two students ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$159.42FEATURED IN2006 Educational InteriorsINTERIOR CATEGORYLibraries/Media Centers are adjacent to the help desk. The open area also is furnished with soft seating around flat-screen monitors, enabling students to review visual presentations or web material. Private study rooms in a variety of sizes are separated from the open area by a colorful glass wall. This provides privacy for students and enables staff members to supervise the rooms. The smaller rooms are furnished with soft seating for informal discussion, as well as tables and chairs for written collaboration.

The Engineering Resource Center fills a need for group-study space and quiet work areas, as well as the need of the College of Engineering for a hub of social activity. The center provides many services that students previously had to find outside the college. It has become a popular destination for students, faculty and staff.