Nebraska Methodist College, The Josie Harper Campus

Omaha, Nebraska

  • FIRM

    HDR Architecture


    Nebraska Methodist College

  • AREA

    104,480 sq.ft.





Starting with the acquisition of an existing medical office building, the new Nebraska Methodist College is a creative merging of old and new. In order to enhance the institution’s program for educating exceptional healthcare professionals, specific needs of today’s students and faculty were mandatory fuel for the design of The Josie Harper Campus. This facility ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$109.10FEATURED IN2006 Educational InteriorsINTERIOR CATEGORYCommon Areas state-of-the-art and welcoming environments for an academic teaching facility, as well as for the hospital’s continuing-education programs.

In response to the college’s recruitment objectives, the 104,480-square-foot building includes a student center, bookstore, fitness center, dining area, classrooms, library, meditation chapel and lab spaces. The building boasts colorful carpets and large-scale graphics created specifically to promote learning and good health within the environment. Common areas were designed for students to create interactive learning opportunities within visually stimulating settings. Natural lighting, eye-catching furnishings and impressive artwork contribute to the facility’s comfortable ambience. Up-to-date classrooms and technologically advanced labs give the facility a cutting-edge reputation for attracting top-notch students to the healthcare profession.