East Los Angeles College, Technology Center

Monterey Park, California

  • FIRM

    TDM Architects Inc.


    Los Angeles Community College District

  • AREA

    105,000 sq.ft.





Since 1945, East Los Angeles Community College has had a history of excellence in the fields of complex coursework and creative talents. The school has nurtured a habitat of learning for students with a diversity of ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

The physical appearance of the school has improved over the years with the construction of several ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$217.34FEATURED IN2005 Architectural Portfolio structures. However, many of the original temporary war-surplus bungalows still are in use, and have been virtually unchanged over the years. Many of the nine departments that were integrated into the Technology Center were housed in these bungalows.

The Technology Center provides a centralized, accessible and technologically advanced facility. It houses computer-age coursework that provides tools for students to maintain a competitive edge in a rapidly changing technical workplace. The five-level structure meets the school’s demand for technological upgrades in fields such as architecture, engineering, computer science and information technology, and electronics.