University of Nevada--Reno, Comprehensive Campus Master Plan

Reno, Nevada

The comprehensive campus master plan sets a bold, creative vision to enable a campus of 30,000 students to become equivalent in size, resources and stature to nationally recognized state land-grant institutions. The master plan increases Nevadans’ access to the institution’s resources, strengthening the university’s image and identity. It ties to the university‘s ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCITATIONCampus Master Planning CitationFEATURED IN2005 Architectural PortfolioSUB CATEGORYCampus Master Planning and the natural, cultural and ecological features that make it unique among institutions of higher education.

Consistent with the academic mission of the university, the master plan envisions an enlarged academic core, building on the character of the university’s historic center and encompassing four compact academic districts. It calls for improved recreational facilities, an expanded health-sciences district and residential enclaves. Supported by a comprehensive transit service, a network of pedestrian-oriented open spaces integrates all areas of the campus, connecting to a proposed mixed-use development between downtown and Interstate 80.

The prime consultant team led a team of landscape architects, architects, urban designers, educational programmers and engineers. More than 170 members of the campus community, neighbors and city staff participated in the six work sessions over 12 months. A master plan website provided a forum to distribute materials and provide feedback.

Key elements of the master plan:

-Provides long-range vision that will triple the size of the campus.

-Ensures that growth proceeds logically and aesthetically.

-Integrates best-practice consideration for sustainability.

-Builds upon the historical character of the campus.

-Strategically situates places of social interaction such as student services, study halls and open-space plazas at campus crossroads and other highly visible locations.

-Ties to the city-proposed, mixed-use district adjacent to the campus’ southern boundary.

"Good partnership with city. Ambitious plan."--2005 jury