Bossier Parish Community College, New Campus

Bossier City, Louisiana

  • FIRM

    Slack Alost Architecture


    Campus Facilities Inc. and Bossier Parish Community College

  • AREA

    363,877 sq.ft.





Set below the approach path of B-52 bombers from nearby Barksdale Air Force Base, Bossier Parish Community College is a facility that is on the cutting edge of institutions of its type. Through its unique and well-planned design, the facility overcomes aircraft noise and other adverse issues to provide diverse training and education to Bossier Parish and the surrounding ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONASSOCIATED FIRMShreve Land Construction, A Division of Brice Building Co., Inc.COST PER SQ FT$143.83FEATURED IN2005 Architectural Portfolio of northwest Louisiana. The facility represents the coming together of various parts of the college, which once were spread out across the parish.

The mission of this facility is to provide coursework offering sound academic education, broad career and workforce training, continuing education and varied community services through flexible instructional-delivery systems. This educational goal is achieved through the provision of facilities ranging from a complete television studio to the mock operating-room suite. They provide students with valuable hands-on training for real-life situations.

In response to the college’s needs, the architect provided four educational buildings arranged in a rectangular format that have identical exterior facades and square footages to create substantial economic savings. These academic cornerstones of the campus flank the administrative and student-services buildings at the north and east sides of this formation to create a landscaped quad at the core of the campus. This green space creates a unique experience for student life. It draws students away from the parking areas and into the center of the college to encourage socialization.

Each educational building is arranged so that the faculty offices for all of the different disciplines situated in that building are on the ground floor. This includes copy rooms, break rooms, reception areas and other faculty support areas. The classrooms, labs and training spaces are situated on the second and third floors. This scheme makes each building its own self-supporting unit.

In addition to these initial amenities, Phase II of the project includes a full-service theater and gymnasium. The theater, which seats about 320 people, includes a scene shop and full-height fly loft. It also houses the college’s music department.

The gymnasium includes NCAA-regulation basketball and volleyball courts, as well as showers and locker rooms for home and visiting teams.