Northcentral Technical College, Health Sciences Center

Wausau, Wisconsin

  • FIRM

    Kahler Slater


    Northcentral Technical College

  • AREA

    126,000 sq.ft.





Advancing the way that future healthcare professionals approach patient care, Northcentral Technical College (NTC) provides students with a greater understanding of, and appreciation for, the growing needs of patients, as well as the important role each healthcare professional plays in caring for those patients.

To accomplish this, NTC’s new Health Sciences Center’s ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$182.00FEATURED IN2005 Architectural Portfolio and building were designed to promote enhanced collaboration and communication among all nursing, surgery, radiography, emergency medical and laboratory students and faculty, and in turn, enhance overall patient safety, efficiency and effectiveness.

This benchmark facility includes clinic and hands-on teaching space for the dental-hygiene program (40-chair public clinic), radiology, medical technician laboratory, surgical technician laboratory, nursing, a computerized Health Learning Resource Lab, lecture halls, high-tech classrooms, and a variety of administrative offices and support services. The building also accommodates chemistry, biology, anatomy, physiology, physics and computer labs equipped with distance-learning capabilities.

A cyber cafe, outdoor patio and multiple, comfortable nooks for students, faculty and visitors promote work/life balance and enhance collaboration among disciplines.