Arizona State University Polytechnic Campus, The Desert Arboretum

Mesa, Arizona

For three years, a group of landscape designers, masons and construction workers have been developing the new Arizona State University Polytechnic campus on the former Williams Air Force Base. Using few funds and receiving tremendous support from the surrounding communities, The Desert Arboretum at Arizona State University has become a reality.

The Desert Arboretum ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONFEATURED IN2005 Architectural PortfolioSUB CATEGORYLandscape designed to preserve the beauty of the Sonoran Desert and highlight desert species from around the world. It also was to create higher standards of maintenance and educational maintenance opportunities for employees.

The benefit provided by the arboretum will increase as students and visitors discover aesthetic and serene places to walk, rest or congregate while they learn about the Sonoran Desert.

Attractive desert landscaping and walkways have enhanced the appearance of the campus buildings and facilitated pedestrian traffic between them. The arboretum is the only university Sonoran Desert arboretum in the country.

Primary and secondary malls intersect at courtyards, and are decorated with artistic lighting, small water features and shaded benches. A special attraction is the Desert Experience Trail, which displays native and exotic desert gardens. Descriptive signage identifies desert trees, shrubs and flowering plants.