University of California—Santa Barbara, San Clemente Student Housing

Santa Barbara, California

The San Clemente Student Housing project is adjacent to the University of California—Santa Barbara campus and the community of Isla Vista. The program and site plan for this project were developed through collaborative investigation and involvement. Information was analyzed, integrated and reviewed with stakeholder groups. Key components:

•Achieves sustainability ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$237.00FEATURED IN2005 Architectural PortfolioSUB CATEGORYWork in Progress maintainability.

•Takes advantage of site views and characteristics.

•Provides access to campus, the beach, schools, shopping, services.

•Preserves and protects the natural setting.

•Creates a project compatible with neighboring residential uses.

•Protects wetland habitats.

•Buffers and screens native and drought-tolerant plants.

•Separates vehicular access from each development sub-area.

The project’s LEED certification, sustainable-design goals were achieved through the use of natural ventilation, low-VOC products and Energy Star roofing. Site sustainability goals were achieved by containing all stormwater on site, enhancing adjacent wetlands. A complex bioswale system contains and filters stormwater.

Addressing planning challenges, the architect was able to maintain view corridors to mountains and integrate north-south streets connecting to streets in Isla Vista. A parking structure was created at one end of the site, and short-term accessible parking is integrated throughout the complex while maintaining access from Isla Vista to the sports fields north of the site.

The complex has a distinct “Santa Barbara style,” supporting and enhancing the campus environment with sensitivity to the natural landscape. The design provided unit plans that are stacked vertically in different configurations. There are a variety of exterior courtyards, from small intimate courts to larger grand lawns. The new complex, scheduled to open in fall 2007, will provide 976 beds, common spaces, athletic fields and parking for 840 cars.