Western Carolina University, Greek Village Complex

Cullowhee, North Carolina

  • FIRM

    Treanor Architects, PA


    Western Carolina University

  • AREA

    79,187 sq.ft.





The Greek Village Complex at Western Carolina University is a residential community providing a structured living and learning environment on campus for 15 fraternities and sororities in seven buildings. On this challenging site, the design accommodates chapter size and type, and allows for future growth. A shared open green space provides plenty of room for gatherings ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONASSOCIATED FIRMCapstone Development; Design Collective, Inc.CAPACITY252COST PER SQ FT$104.38FEATURED IN2005 Architectural PortfolioSUB CATEGORYSpecialized interaction. Parking is close and plentiful.

The Common Building supports chapter and complex-level interaction, and acts as a welcoming front porch for the community. Amenities include the welcome desk, a multipurpose room with game tables and a TV area, laundry facilities, and the complex director’s apartment.

Chapter houses share a common design language and give each chapter an opportunity to personalize its building, including interior enhancements and a unique front door. Amenities include dedicated chapter rooms, catering kitchens and semi-private bathrooms.

The multi-organizational building houses six NPHC chapters, each in a six-bed or eight-bed apartment. This unique building provides each chapter with its own ground-level front door where its Greek letters are displayed. Each unit includes a parlor, semi-private bathrooms and a kitchen.