Bay Shore High School, Additions and Renovations

Bay Shore, New York

The additions and alterations at Bay Shore High School are the culmination of efforts begun several years earlier at the elementary schools within the district. As part of an overall referendum focused upon secondary-school needs, the additions and alterations at the Bay Shore High School address a projected increase of nearly 500 high school students over ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY2,200COST PER SQ FT$131.16FEATURED IN2005 Architectural Portfolio years.

Of great importance to the community was the preservation of the 1937 gymnasium. Many athletics alumni came out in support of enhancing the athletics program, but also were concerned about the fate of the existing undersized gymnasium. The solution was to create a new gymnasium facility furnished with relics and artifacts from the original gymnasium at Bay Shore High School. The original gym space then was converted for use by large-group music ensembles in order to take advantage of ceiling heights and a position adjacent to the existing auditorium.

This project also provides space for the school district’s central administration. Prior to this project, district offices were spread between two school buildings in what originally had been educational space. These spaces have been returned to the schools, and the district administration has been centralized on the main campus of the high school.