North Boone High School

Poplar Grove, Illinois

The new North Boone High School introduces a striking design, along with cutting-edge educational technology, to a rural Illinois community. In this facility, students and staff members enjoy functional and spacious teaching environments, modern wireless computer systems and flexible breakout areas for small-group instruction.

The exterior design reflects ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY500COST PER SQ FT$123.90FEATURED IN2005 Architectural Portfolio school’s picturesque pastoral surrounding. Rich brick tones reflect the colors of earth and soil, and horizontal bands reference the cultivated agricultural landscape. The brick detailing continues inside the school, unifying the interior architecture with the exterior features. Large windows and glazed curtainwalls tie the experience of the school to the vistas beyond its walls. The ample amount of glazing also allows natural light to be introduced into every instructional space and allows for excellent supervision.

The expandable building plan achieves a high level of efficiency with double-loaded corridors and an intuitive circulation pattern. A prominent circular stage opening into the dynamic commons space provides a central social space for students and the community.