Sturgis Middle School

Sturgis, Michigan

  • FIRM

    URS Corporation


    Sturgis Public Schools

  • AREA

    136,000 sq.ft.





The desire for sloped metal roofs and the influence of local rural structures suggested an agricultural theme for this new middle school. Barns contain a unique combination of history, science, ecology, innovation, biology, business, technology, mechanics and even recreation. Farm values and work ethics are worthy of emulation, and the social order of the farm ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY800COST PER SQ FT$117.84FEATURED IN2005 Architectural Portfolio teamwork at its best—a major objective of contemporary middle school curriculums.

The general classrooms are situated in a three-story academic wing. Each grade level is assigned to one of the three floor levels, providing grade separation. Shared academic resources are in a two-story section of the building’s mid-portion. The exterior design uses multiple sloped roofs, functional cupolas, a “silo” skylight, a punched-window opening and a contrasting brick base reminiscent of field stone used on agricultural structures in the area.

The multipurpose room is designed for floor activities, but also has theater-style seats on retractable risers that allow it to function as a large-group instruction room. The articulated geometry of the building plan allows for additions to every major functional space in the facility, enhancing the building’s flexibility.