Almont Middle School

Almont, Michigan

  • FIRM

    French Associates


    Almont Community Schools

  • AREA

    90,000 sq.ft.





Situated between an elementary school and a high school, Almont Middle School nestles into 20 acres of apple orchards.

The single-story scheme features a central media center and classroom pods, grouping grades to enhance the school’s team-teaching philosophy. The gymnasium and locker rooms are at one end of the building. A separate entrance allows access to evening ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY473COST PER SQ FT$152.67FEATURED IN2005 Architectural Portfolio2006 Educational Interiors while the remainder of the school stays secured.

The materials for the school were chosen for maximum value. Masonry walls, metal roofs and terrazzo floors will provide for years of low-maintenance operation. The overall character suggests arts-and-crafts-style architecture with a low profile that blends with the rural surroundings of this educational campus. The masonry pillars and large brick patios are reflective of farmhouses, with shaded porticos and spacious, comfortable porches for gathering.