Reuben Johnson Elementary School

McKinney, Texas

  • FIRM



    McKinney Independent School District

  • AREA

    67,228 sq.ft.





In the early 1990s, McKinney (Texas) Independent School District was faced with a rapidly growing student enrollment and had no choice but to implement an aggressive school-construction plan.

The architects and district administrators met with each major stakeholder group and determined, based on their input, that designing a new elementary school prototype would be ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY700COST PER SQ FT$81.96FEATURED IN1998 Architectural Portfolio most efficient and economical course of action for McKinney ISD.

Six years later, the district completed Reuben Johnson Elementary School, the third re-site of the original prototype elementary school. Following are several key design solutions for Reuben Johnson Elementary School: the exterior is a mix of brick and manufactured stone also used on surrounding homes; the original sloping design of the prototype was converted to a two-story configuration in order to accommodate the drastically different topography; interior spaces are brightly colored and well-lit, creating an inviting learning environment; sloping interior ceilings increase interior volume; library, computer labs and other core areas are centrally located; academic areas have direct access to play areas; integrated technology links each classroom to the library.

Photographer: ©Jim Wilson