Brighton Elementary School

Seattle, Washington

  • FIRM

    BLRB Architects


    Seattle Public Schools

  • AREA

    67,592 sq.ft.





This new school replaces the existing Brighton, built in the early 1950s. The design was driven by two primary educational and organizational design goals. The first was to elevate learning by creating small, personalized learning communities within a large education facility. The second was to acknowledge that the Brighton School historically has been, and will ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY445COST PER SQ FT$176.85FEATURED IN2005 Architectural Portfolio to be, a vital South Seattle community resource.

Four independent, self-contained learning communities were provided, two on each floor in the education wing. Each community consists of five classrooms clustered around a shared group-learning area. Within each community is a small-group/tutoring room as well as student and staff restrooms. These flexible classroom clusters can be configured either as small, independent schools each accommodating grades 1 to 5, or each housing a more homogeneous grade-level clustering.

As a community center, Brighton Elementary School must operate beyond the traditional school day. The community center houses the school administration, gymnasium, library, technology lab, multipurpose room and stage, childcare facility and the art/science classroom. These spaces are accessible to students during the day and support a multitude of community functions after hours. These include adult education, neighborhood meetings and Metro Parks programs.