Penns Manor Elementary School, Additions and Alterations

Clymer, Pennsylvania

  • FIRM

    HHSDR Architects/Engineers


    Penns Manor Area School District

  • AREA

    96,045 sq.ft.





The building was constructed in 1980 with an open classroom design. This renovation brings it up to current energy and program standards, and adds walls to create separate, individual elementary classrooms. The upgrades included the building envelope, kitchen, multipurpose room, elementary offices and library.

A new gymnasium was added to serve the elementary ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY569COST PER SQ FT$92.00FEATURED IN2005 Architectural Portfolio program, as well as extracurricular junior-senior high school programs and community events.

District administrative offices (DAO) were relocated into an addition between the elementary school and the attached junior-senior high school to gain space for the elementary school and give the DAO its own identity.

The elementary and junior-senior high schools function independently, sharing only a nurses’ suite. However, this project blends the entire facility aesthetically by incorporating design elements applied to the junior-senior high school when it was renovated in 1993.

Project features:

-State-of-the-art technology and communication systems.

-High-performance, energy-conserving materials and design.

-Energy-efficient mechanical and electrical systems.

A variety of spatial experiences, such as accent colors, patterns and dramatic bulkheads, creates an environment that responds to the physical, intellectual, psychological and social needs of the students.