Northwestern Elementary School

West Salem, Ohio

Amidst a farm area in north-central Ohio, this two-story masonry school sits on a long and narrow parcel of property, housing the school district’s entire pre-K to grade 5 population. There are six 810-square-foot classrooms for each of the upper-grade levels and four kindergarten rooms, which have child-friendly toilet rooms as a part of the individual space. The ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY677COST PER SQ FT$130.28FEATURED IN2005 Architectural Portfolio has chosen a campus-type setting for its remaining buildings, consolidating transportation routes, and parental dropoff and pickup areas.

The latest technologies and building security systems are employed. Classrooms with computers and independent computer labs allow for the search of information and e-learning. The media center and computer labs are close to academic core areas.

Design efficiency allowed this school to stay within the required square footage dictated in the program. It also allowed for additional classrooms to be provided, while remaining within the dictated program requirements.