Blakeney Elementary School

Waynesboro, Georgia

The campus of Blakeney Elementary School in Burke County, Ga., provided the perfect setting for the design and construction of an architectural tour de force. Blakeney Elementary seizes the viewer’s attention at first glance with its three entry pavilions, and expansive and intricate brickwork, as well as the deep shadow line created by insetting elements of the ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY1,105COST PER SQ FT$86.84FEATURED IN2005 Architectural Portfolio elevation. The combination of split-face and ground-face block gives texture and creates a striping effect on the exterior.

The pinwheel design of the school generates the ideal venue for a center rotunda created by arched windows, bright colors and floor-to-ceiling glass walls. These glass walls in turn form the entrance to interior pocket courtyards and enclosed gardens situated on either side of the media center. A wave effect in both the cafeteria and gymnasium activates the interior by fashioning a dynamic feel that would not be present in a static flat feature.

All of these components come together to fashion a school that is unique, functional and outstanding.