West Elementary School, Additions and Renovations

Park Hills, Missouri

  • FIRM

    Hoener Associates, Inc.


    Central R-III School District

  • AREA

    16,500 sq.ft.





The West Elementary addition provides the campus with a new identifiable main entrance. The site design creates an efficient circulation pattern with the city street grid and separates the bus loop from the auto dropoff on opposite sides of the addition. The design also incorporates entrance canopies at both locations.

The building program includes a new main ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$130.00FEATURED IN2005 Architectural Portfolio and lobby; an administration suite including general offices, principal and counseling offices; nurse/sick room, workroom and record storage. The addition also provides three standard-size classrooms, an art room, library, computer lab, restroom facilities and relocated support spaces for each.

The renovation provides a new handicapped-accessible elevator serving the existing three levels, along with a new fire-alarm system, flooring, ceilings, lighting and technology infrastructure. The renovated kitchen has a new cooler/freezer addition. New exterior windows match the new addition window finish, and tie the existing facility and new addition together in a cohesive campus appearance.