Coffeyville Community Elementary School

Coffeyville, Kansas

  • FIRM

    PBA Architects


    Coffeyville USD 445

  • AREA

    143,208 sq.ft.





Coffeyville Community Elementary is a 1,000-student school for grades pre-K to 6 that focuses on safety and flexibility. The building is designed to be a teaching tool and available for community use.

Safety elements:

-Visual sightlines to the main entry, parking lot and main corridor.

-Three tornado shelters.

-Four 250-student houses, each with its ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY1,000COST PER SQ FT$92.58FEATURED IN2005 Architectural Portfolio administrators.

-Exterior doors lock automatically.

-Classroom doors lock from within.

Flexibility features:

-Multifunction spaces such as the gymnasium, large-group rooms/computer labs and lecture/computer spaces.

-Wired and wireless computer technology.

-Designed for future growth.

-Movable walls between classrooms.

The building is a teaching tool:

-Exploration Hall, the main corridor, provides abundant space for teaching displays.

-Houses are built around a geographical theme, grouped by: Communities of Coffeyville (pre-K to K), Kansas (grades 1 to 2), United States (grades 3 to 4), and the World (grades 5 to 6).

-Similarly themed courtyards allow natural light into the classrooms.

-Large-group rooms are used simultaneously for special projects and presentations to multiple classes.

Community facility features:

-Zoned for public use.

-Outdoor amphitheater.