Orchard Farms Elementary School

Cranston, Rhode Island

Orchard Farms Elementary School is situated on 44 acres restricted by 18 acres of wetlands on its northwest quadrant and adjacent to several upscale subdivisions. Traditional architectural imagery is expressed with a timeless classical appeal, embracing the bordering residential neighborhoods. The multiple gable roofs provide the school with scale and context, and ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY650COST PER SQ FT$139.25FEATURED IN2005 Architectural Portfolio meld the building into the neighboring fabric.

The unique pinwheel design separates administration, educational and support areas. The key design element is the configuration of the floor plan, which provides grade clustering and required adjacencies. The inspiring color-coded interior orients students in all grades and provides individual identity. The plan allows for the continued operations of the school building for after-hours activities, and provides security to the classroom wings.

A central atrium and entrance colonnade provide a clerestory skylight, and windows maximizing natural light serve as the junction between the academic areas, and the activity and support areas. The spacious atmosphere was developed with a warm and inviting color palette to foster creativity and provide inspiration.