Vineyard Elementary School

Vineyard, Utah

  • FIRM

    Sandstrom Architecture


    Alpine School District

  • AREA

    69,900 sq.ft.





The town of Vineyard never had a school in its community; the children attended school in a neighboring city. Vineyard Elementary was built as a community school.

The school was sited on a crossroad requiring a V-shaped design. The school has given Vineyard children not only a school of their own, but also a source of community pride where residents of the small ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY810COST PER SQ FT$106.50FEATURED IN2005 Architectural Portfolio can gather for events.

The exterior of the school is brick with soldier course detailing. The interior consists of honed and split-face CMU. The fascia and window sills are precast concrete and match the original architecture of the town.

There are 27 classrooms with daylighting. The library has a full-length skylight with clerestory windows that provide abundant natural light. An enclosed Native American-style kiva for reading and storytelling is attached to the library.

Bright colors are used throughout the school to add an air of enthusiasm for learning. Fun tile patterns splash the corridors where the children enjoy jumping to and from each pattern.