Knapp Forest Elementary School

Forest Hills, Michigan

  • FIRM



    Forest Hills Public Schools

  • AREA

    88,298 sq.ft.





Opening photo: ©Carr Cialdella Photography

Knapp Forest clearly puts collaborative learning principles first. Throughout the design process, a 10-member district design committee and 54-member community task force asked “What is best for learning?”

Following initial visioning sessions to examine educational philosophy, learning theory, best practices, futurism ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONASSOCIATED FIRMO`Boyle, Cowell, Blalock and AssociatesCAPACITY600COST PER SQ FT$121.50CITATIONElementary School CitationFEATURED IN2005 Architectural Portfolio environmental stewardship, the group immersed itself into detail-level brainstorming sessions with the architect. The result is a learning-centered environment that meets green building and site standards, increasing user health and comfort.

Design features include grade-based neighborhoods, neighborhood homeroom pairs, an outdoor entrance to homeroom pairs, mud rooms, neighborhood teacher-planning rooms, a neighborhood academic support room, cyber cafes/wireless neighborhoods, and a childcare center.

Knapp Forest meets the U.S. Green Building Council’s standards for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification. Eco-friendly features include a white roof; parking lot tree islands with electric car outlets; water-based paint; and recycled materials such as structural steel and carpet. All materials were manufactured within a 500-mile radius. Native vegetation requires zero irrigation. The project also met all construction waste recycling requirements.

"Creative use of site and addition of unique features set this project apart."--2005 jury