Montgomery Elementary School

Montgomery, Ohio

  • FIRM

    CR architecture + design


    Sycamore Community School District

  • AREA

    79,900 sq.ft.





Montgomery Elementary School’s media center is a 1½-story space on the second floor of this three-story school. Student computer rooms, as well as a broadcasting room where the school news and the student announcements are broadcasted, flank the center. The base of the exterior bell tower forms a special reading nook for individual students or groups.

The large ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCO FIRMFanning Howey COST PER SQ FT$130.20FEATURED IN2005 Educational InteriorsINTERIOR CATEGORYCommon Areas window in the bell tower, as well as dormers, provide an abundance of daylighting. These windows also form the second-floor space of the “two-story red brick schoolhouse” entry.

The second-floor, central location of the media center provides easy access from student classrooms on all floors. This location also provides easy access for the public. Upon entry from the main hallway, the media center is directly at the top of the central open stair. This allows the school to open the media center while shutting off the remainder of the building to the public.