King & Low-Heywood Thomas School

Stamford, Connecticut

King & Low-Heywood Thomas (KLHT) is a pre-K to 12 institution that grew from an amalgam of two schools that bordered each other. It was important to KLHT to maintain good relations with its neighbors and minimize the impact of all construction on adjacent properties.

The new Middle School Building is dark masonry with only two stories to fit comfortably on campus and ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONFEATURED IN2005 Educational InteriorsINTERIOR CATEGORYCommon Areas an unobtrusive profile to the neighborhood. The building has classrooms, laboratories, art studios, music rooms, a large multipurpose room and a media cafe.

Although it is dark on the outside, the interior is filled with natural light. The core of the building is a two-story skylighted, oval rotunda at the main entrance. It is a dramatic entry to the school and fills both floors of the building with daylight. It reveals the most interesting building activities—like an arcade, it is surrounded by the media cafe, art room, large multipurpose room and music room. It is the hub of the building, an informal gathering place for students and teachers. It also is a natural security system; administration and teachers’ rooms are placed around it, and allow staff to monitor students and visitors easily as they come and go.