East Carolina University

Greenville, North Carolina

Modernization and expansion of the existing facility located on the Greenville campus of East Carolina University included complete renovation of 1950 and 1968 wings, partial renovation of a 1972 wing, and a new addition of approximately 145,000 square feet. The completed facility will contain 266,000 gross square feet representing a 49-percent increase in net ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$78.20FEATURED IN1998 Educational InteriorsINTERIOR CATEGORYLibraries/Media Centers footage.

The interior is organized based on the natural flow of patron use. Neon is used to reinforce primary circulation in the building and is a metaphor for the extensive electronic delivery systems throughout the facility. A strong color element is used on the south side of the corridors, providing visual clues for understanding location in the building. A central exterior courtyard provides a controlled exterior space for patron use.

Carpet patterns accentuate the pathways established by building design. The organic nature of the design is repeated in the river of blue carpet that occurs on each floor, in the wave of the ceiling over study areas, and in the active flow of neon. Corals, teal tones and purple were selected to augment and reinforce visual excitement in the space. The purple and gold clearly state the university colors.

The furnishings serve a variety of special user requirements. Systems furniture was selected for study carrels to accommodate changing electronic needs and for service throughout the building to allow for modular equipment changes. Soft seating is provided as alternative study areas throughout the space.

The building contains the traditional services of circulation, reference, periodicals, government documents and special collections. These areas are served by an extensive telecommunications and data wiring system that gives patrons access to information worldwide. The facility also contains media/teaching services, a TV studio, media/teleconferencing rooms and specially fitted computer-training rooms.

Photographer: ©Joanne Sieburg-Baker