Maple Grove Senior High School

Maple Grove, Minnesota

The identity of this building is drawn from its natural setting, and its environment reflects light, openness, warmth and friendliness, as well as accessibility for students, staff and community.

The simplicity of the regional metaphor—the maple leaf—suggests an educational philosophy comprising three elements: The house concept, performance-based philosophy, and the ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$100.00CITATIONGold CitationFEATURED IN1998 Educational Interiors1998 Architectural PortfolioINTERIOR CATEGORYMultipurpose Rooms of knowledge and skills across subject areas.

Just as three lobes create a single maple leaf, the elements of the house concept, performance-based philosophy and integration of knowledge and skills create a comprehensive high school for the 21st century. They also demonstrate the six themes of "Breaking Ranks"—personalization, coherency, time and organization, technology, professional development and leadership.

Supporting this educational philosophy and building design is the use of technology, just as the veins support and nourish the leaf. State-of-the-art voice, data and video communication exist throughout the building. This will encourage student and staff use of current and emerging technologies, such as local-area networking, multimedia workstations and direct broadcasting satellites.

Photographer: ©Ralph Berlowitz

"Pleasing mix of colors; good balance of different light sources; interesting details."—1998 jury