Magnet Traditional School

Phoenix, Arizona

  • FIRM



    Phoenix Elementary School District

  • AREA

    50,000 sq.ft.





Phoenix Elementary School District serves an enrollment of 8,900 K-8 students. The existing 250-student school was old with basic amenities. The replacement back-to-basics school accommodates 450 students with expansion capabilities. This school serves children from the entire district and those attending are selected by lottery. Parents are required to participate in ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY450COST PER SQ FT$90.48FEATURED IN1998 Architectural Portfolio educational process.

The program calls for self-contained classrooms. Magnet Traditional School was developed as a 48,000-square-foot, two-building facility. Phased construction allowed for the new school to be constructed while classes continued on campus. Once the facility was occupied, the existing buildings where demolished for play areas.

Within its 1940s residential neighborhood, the school’s identity feeds from its traditional program and setting. A two-story classroom building constructed of red concrete block with large, white-framed windows is reminiscent of the traditional red brick schoolhouse. It contains 20 classrooms, school administration, nurse’s office, library, and a multipurpose building. Given the need for highly developed site requirements, the two-story scheme preserved open land, while giving the new school a strong presence.

Photographer: ©Mark Boisclair