Forest Hills Public Schools, Fine Arts Center

Grand Rapids, Michigan

  • FIRM

    Integrated Architecture


    Forest Hills Public Schools

  • AREA

    62,000 sq.ft.





Alive with creative energy, the Fine Arts Center provides a stimulating background for art, drama, dance, music, learning and community.

Planned in collaboration with a 104-member community, student and faculty committee, the center’s classrooms, studios and public spaces offer a venue that affirms the importance of the arts, and serves as a home for school and ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONASSOCIATED FIRMHolabird & Root LLPCAPACITY1,212COST PER SQ FT$219.00CITATIONSpecialized Facility CitationFEATURED IN2004 Architectural PortfolioSUB CATEGORYSpecialized arts and activities.

Equipped to meet the documented demand for high school band, orchestra and theatrical performances, the 1,212-seat auditorium also functions as a self-supporting regional theatre.

Designed to achieve a USGBC LEED rating, the center hopes to be the first K-12 LEED-rated fine-arts center in the country. It teaches by example the luxuries that come from the wise use of natural materials, sunlight and space, creating a healthy, light-filled building.

Constructed of sustainable materials with high recycled content and low- or no-VOC offgassing, it presents a healthy indoor atmosphere. A unique underfloor plenum diffuses heated or cooled air under each seat in the theater, and offers energy savings and a more comfortable environment.

"Great use of materials, great layout and siting. Well-thought-out with community involvement."--2004 jury