Shewmaker Center for Workforce Technologies

Bentonville, Arkansas

The Shewmaker Center for Workforce Technologies is Northwest Arkansas’ major source of technical training of machinist to management workforce. The center also serves as a venue for community presentations and gatherings.

The two-story, 42,000-square-foot facility was designed for expansion as needed. In this facility are nine small learning labs with distance ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$109.52FEATURED IN2004 Architectural Portfolio and smart classroom capabilities, and two large flexible learning labs for heavy-duty mechanical-equipment training. A 150-seat auditorium serves as the building’s anchor.

The smart-capable auditorium can be divided so multiple events can take place simultaneously. A blackout shade covers the windows for projection presentations and testing. When the shades are retracted, the large windows introduce natural light for a motivational learning environment and pleasant space for outside events. A service area adjacent to the auditorium and accessible to the patio allows for events to be catered easily in both areas.

Construction is steel frame with metal studs. An aluminum curtainwall with high-performance glass, brick veneer and EIFS form the exterior. The roof deck is architectural shingles on nailable insulated composite panel over metal decking. Mechanical systems include modular air-handling units, dual-duct VAV boxes with packaged hot-water boiler and air-cooled chillers, and energy-recovery ventilation units.