University of North Carolina at Asheville, Governors Hall

Asheville, North Carolina

Governors Hall is the first of the new residence halls to replace three 1967-era residence halls within the existing Governors Village. The facility provides the level of comfort expected in modern residence halls, increases student capacity for this desirable campus location and increases the amount of space available to each resident. The university demolished three ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY184COST PER SQ FT$163.00FEATURED IN2004 Architectural Portfolio buildings, removed asbestos and prepared the site for new construction.

The new residence hall houses 184 students in single- and double-occupancy rooms that form a community courtyard. Shared spaces such as classrooms, seminar, office and laundry, are arranged on the ground level to animate the courtyard and increase interaction among the students, faculty and staff.

This was the first large-scale facility recycling effort at the university. Equipment, furniture, wiring, plumbing fixtures and brick from the three demolished residence halls were recycled. Concrete was crushed into gravel and used for parking areas and roads, and as backfill.

The new building is constructed of bearing masonry walls with metal bar joist and concrete slab floor construction. The roof structure consists of both structural steel and wood trusses with metal and fiberglass roofing. The building has a standalone mechanical system and is connected to the campus electrical system.