Earlham College, The Landrum Bolling Center

Richmond, Indiana

The building is a three-story structure with a partial lower floor, and includes lecture rooms and classrooms, computer and psychology labs, seminar rooms, conference rooms, offices and support spaces.

The design of the new center is open-ended and flexible so that it can adapt to new technologies and future programs.

The building is close to the main campus entry ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$151.79FEATURED IN2004 Architectural Portfolio will be a central point for extending the relationships between the college and Richmond community.

The first floor includes a 20-station microcomputer teaching laboratory, a 60-seat lecture hall, a 60-seat lounge/reception area with a catering kitchen, offices for career services and international programs, classrooms and support spaces.

The second floor includes five classrooms, seminar rooms, faculty offices with full data connections, social-science division rooms and support spaces.

The third floor includes five classrooms, spaces for students and faculty involved with psychology, sociology and anthropology educational programs, a specially designed psychology laboratory, offices and support spaces.