Hocking College, Student Center Renovation/Addition

Nelsonville, Ohio

  • FIRM

    Moody Nolan, Inc.


    Hocking College

  • AREA

    52,500 sq.ft.





A 39,000-square-foot addition converts the existing renovated gymnasium into a multipurpose facility for this two-year college. A large folding roof, mimicking the surrounding geography, cascades down the hillside and surrounds the existing building while creating event spaces for recreational and social activities. These spaces exist on two levels (a main split-level ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$147.00FEATURED IN2004 Architectural Portfolio and a large mezzanine) with a relatively open floor plan.

The facility includes an atrium space with a 35-foot climbing wall and running track, a 12,000-square-foot multipurpose room with operable acoustic partitions, conference rooms, a four-lane indoor lap pool with locker rooms, an aerobics area, and a weight and fitness center.

Each ridge, or “fold,” of the new structure organizes different programmatic zones. The folding roof also serves a secondary purpose as its steep ridges are oriented south (the front of the building faces a river valley to the north) and are perforated by a series of skylights, which introduce natural lighting into the lobby and fitness center.

The zone adjacent to the central atrium on the north side of the facility contains the large, flexible multipurpose room, which uses movable partitions to provide a sports court (striped for basketball, tennis and volleyball), conference rooms and an aerobics area. A tourist scenic railway stops right in front of this facade, giving it the look and feel of a transit station.