Mount St. Mary College, Sakac Hall

Newburgh, New York

Overlooking the Hudson River, Sakac Hall was developed on a sloping site at the edge of the largest historic district in New York state. The architect aspired to reflect the Dutch Colonial roots of the City of Newburgh architecture and establish a modern collegiate style to attract students.

To reduce the visual scale of the structure, the roof line is cleaved to ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY265COST PER SQ FT$148.00FEATURED IN2004 Architectural Portfolio three distinct houses, accentuated with masonry gables and dormers. Security features include active systems and passive design elements. The students are grouped by floor, and each floor is divided into separate neighborhood wings to foster a sense of community. The entry floor includes a central security station that monitors all CCTV, door access and fire-alarm controls; a reception lounge; lobby; mail center; and residence director suite.

Common amenities, competitive with current housing trends, are provided, including lounges with study carrels, a fitness room, movie lounge, computer center and laundry facility. The building is provided with a heating and cooling fan-coil system, CATV and telephones, and a hard-wired and wireless academic network.