Kennebec Valley Community College, Lunder Library

Fairfield, Maine

  • FIRM



    Kennebec Valley Community College

  • AREA

    19,000 sq.ft.





This new library-information center provides much-needed space for books and classrooms to expand the college’s information-technology program. Because so many students are commuters, the center is designed to provide them with an inviting, comfortable place to study between classes.

The layout of the building will make it easy for future expansion, and the ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY150COST PER SQ FT$220.31FEATURED IN2004 Architectural Portfolio are designed for flexibility.

The exterior is brick, in keeping with a collegiate atmosphere, and the contemporary design speaks to the college’s mission of educating students for the new century’s challenges.

The front of the building faces south and has a gentle curve that follows the site’s topography. The curve also sets the building apart, reinforcing its position at the head of a quad that is part of the campus master plan.

The southern exposure lets in plenty of natural light, and a shed roof provides shade over a porch in the summer. Clerestory windows on the back of the shed roof let in northern light, which has fewer of the ultraviolet rays that cause paper to deteriorate.