Bowling Green State University, Cedar Point Center at Firelands College

Huron, Ohio

Situated on the southern edge of the campus, the Cedar Point Center is a two-story brick structure that matches existing campus buildings and has a large, 40-foot-high atrium that looks out toward the James H. McBride Arboretum. The building has been situated so that it not only forms the southern edge to the campus, but also allows the adjacent arboretum to flow into ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$198.60FEATURED IN2004 Architectural Portfolio campus.

The plans were organized so that the atrium is the hinge about which the public and private spaces revolve. The atrium is a transparent space that allows views to the campus and arboretum, and becomes illuminated at night as a beacon in the community.

This new building, designed for a satellite campus, accommodates a growing population of non-traditional students. The program spaces have been developed to provide flexibility, advanced technology and a professional/corporate image.

The 450-seat, divisible public meeting room has state-of-the-art audiovisual technology. Four large screens and projectors allow the room to work in different configurations, allowing for plenty of flexibility for the college and community. Five smaller conference rooms include video projection, electronic whiteboards and audio capabilities.

Two 1,000-square-foot distance-learning rooms have rear-screen projectors, surround-sound capability, and the ability to use multiple sources for teaching from web-based instruction to DVD and VCR capabilities.