Mississippi State University, Coastal Research and Extension Center

Biloxi, Mississippi

  • FIRM

    Allred McNabb Architects


    Bureau of Building, Grounds and Real Property Management

  • AREA

    23,154 sq.ft.





This project consists of a new facility for Mississippi State University and its Department of Agriculture & Forestry. The Coastal Research and Extension Center consists of a two-story office block with an administration wing, a single-story conference building and a single-story laboratory facility. The conference building has modular conference rooms, which can be ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$150.31FEATURED IN2004 Architectural Portfolio or combined as required. The laboratory facility contains three different types of labs; each is independent with access to a central core. Each building of this complex is connected by a covered courtyard. Construction materials include precast concrete panels, tapered concrete columns and curved steel trusses.

The project is situated on more than 20 acres of varied landscape, including a large section of natural wetlands for a wetlands-management study program. The project site is part of a larger campus, which includes a new Biloxi High School, an elementary school and several proposed Biloxi School District facilities. Each section will be designed to be independent of the other schools, yet each building contains design elements that connect it to a larger campus. The future development of the MSU site, as well as the proposed development of the Biloxi school system, was explored prior to the construction of this facility.