Cretin-Derham Hall, Fine Arts and Fitness Addition

St. Paul, Minnesota

  • FIRM



    Cretin-Derham Hall

  • AREA

    89,900 sq.ft.





The architect worked closely with Cretin-Derham High School to design a comprehensive and extensive expansion and upgrade to its fine arts, sports and fitness facilities. The project demonstrates the school’s commitment to a holistic education in which arts and fitness are integral.

A primary goal of the design was to expand the school’s student fitness offering and ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$119.00FEATURED IN2004 Architectural Portfolio physical-education teaching facilities. The school also desired a multiuse space with flexibility to accommodate the 1,400-student population on one side, and a sports performance arena with two-sided spectator seating. Another key objective was to provide accessibility for students, visitors and guests to the campus, the new addition, and especially the theater and stage.

The design built on the shared dynamics between the arts programs by creating an arts zone, and visual, music and theater arts communities within the zone. The visual arts, music and theater areas are situated around a multistory lobby, student commons and art gallery. The lobby highlights the historic facade that now serves as an interior entrance to the theater.

The addition was integrated sensitively into the existing architecture, taking cues from the original architectural details of oversized, arched window openings and detailed brickwork and stone accents. The fine arts and fieldhouse addition wraps the existing school building on three sides. Carefully designed facades and brick and cast-stone selections provide detail and warmth.