Shrewsbury High School

Shrewsbury, Massachusetts

The new Shrewsbury High School facility was the second major phase of capital improvements for the town school district. With 290,000 square feet of floor space and an ultimate capacity of 1,700 students, the building includes more than 80 teaching stations, a fieldhouse with an indoor track, an 850-seat auditorium, a 10,000-square-foot media center and advanced ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY1,700COST PER SQ FT$165.20FEATURED IN2004 Architectural Portfolio systems. Referred to by the school committee as the “flagship of the Shrewsbury school system,” the new building is a model for contemporary high schools.

The facility is organized with all major components within direct access of a curved “main street,” allowing for excellent orientation within the building.

The large, open commons area functions as the lobby to the auditorium during large events in addition to serving as the daily cafeteria, providing efficient use of the space.

A sophisticated, timeless color palette of durable, low-maintenance materials is featured throughout the high school. The sleek, contemporary design has become a source of pride for the entire community.