Medina High School and Community Center

Medina, Ohio

  • FIRM

    Fanning Howey


    Medina City Schools

  • AREA

    545,652 sq.ft.





The renovation and expansion of Medina High School reflects the community’s desire to create a vibrant cultural center that will serve as the nexus of academic, recreational and social life in Medina, Ohio.

The design solution doubled the capacity of the building while creating a series of intimate, personalized learning communities. The academic portion of the ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY2,400FEATURED IN2004 Architectural Portfolio is anchored by four 600-student houses. Connected to the shared-program areas by a dramatic two-story “main street” corridor, each school-within-a-school has its own core academic areas with a dedicated staff of faculty and administrators.

A new community recreation center is the cornerstone of the school’s public-use facilities. The city-operated center features dynamic, curving shapes, soft colors and ample natural light. Students and residents enjoy a wide range of recreational facilities, as well as on-site wellness and physical-rehabilitation programs provided by the local hospital.

Other partnerships led to the creation of a new performing-arts center, a high-tech media center that can serve as a satellite branch by the public library, and continuing-education classes through Akron University.