Crown Point High School

Crown Point, Indiana

The first challenge of this project was to ease six years of disappointment, mistrust and community division over building a new school. A citizens committee was established to address the issues and a previous space program that was 100,000 square feet larger than the budget allowed. The honest, challenging and open process turned an apprehensive group into ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY2,200COST PER SQ FT$112.00FEATURED IN2004 Architectural Portfolio supportive, enthusiastic foundation for the project.

The second challenge was to re-create the pride and ownership associated with the existing high school in a new building. The county courthouse’s clock tower is a beautiful, historic centerpiece of the town square and was the backdrop for football games. The new school on the edge of town responded to its history by including a re-creation of the clock tower. Situated in the hub of activity, the new clock tower is a social meeting place, visual landmark and the school’s centerpiece.

Crown Point is designed for community use. Lifelong learning, fitness, activities for the elderly and other community-based functions are integrated with the educational program. The indoor track, fieldhouse, lifelong learning center, weight and cardiovascular areas, forum rooms, auditorium and commons are designed for a variety of community and student activities.