Southwest Junior High School

San Luis, Arizona

Believing in its programming/design process, the architects wanted to involve as many stakeholders as possible during early conceptual planning and design stages for this new school. With maximum involvement of community, staff, students, parents and reviewing agencies, the architects were able to deliver innovative and high-performance design for Southwest Junior ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY800COST PER SQ FT$86.63FEATURED IN2004 Architectural Portfolio School. A limited budget was taken to the extreme, achieving a quality school.

Situated in Yuma County’s San Luis, this school quickly is being surrounded with single-family homes, which support a burgeoning population because of its proximity with Mexico and agricultural regions.

Separation of loud and quiet school functions form a compact all-under-one-roof plan with separate student-centered academic learning communities for grades 7 and 8. This gives each grade a sense of academic “place” and identity. Common areas include computer labs, music and media spaces, a multipurpose gymnasium and a separate cafeteria. Bright colors and graphics, appropriate for local Hispanic influences, are an integral part of the design.