Central Elementary School (St. Charles, Mo.)

St. Charles, Missouri

  • FIRM

    TR,i Architects, Inc.


    Francis Howell School District

  • AREA

    110,000 sq.ft.





Central Elementary School was designed around the school-within-a-school concept. Three schools were created, each having its own administration and student commons identified through color and patterns. A central atrium, flooded with natural light, provides interchange between the schools to shared areas such as the media center, gymnasium and cafeteria. Large, curved ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY830COST PER SQ FT$101.82FEATURED IN2004 Architectural Portfolio walls are the backdrops for the outdoor classrooms flanking each end of the facility and cleverly hiding the stair towers. Art rooms are provided with an outdoor plaza encouraging year-round use.

The new school serves as the entrance to the district’s campus for a rapidly expanding community. Carefully situated, it provides a beautiful green park for the neighborhood. The grounds and gymnasium are accessible for after-hour community use.

Materials throughout are durable and built to last with minimal replacement or maintenance. The building is 100 percent masonry with brick veneer. The insulating qualities of the building envelope provide reduced energy costs from the Midwest’s temperature swings between summer and winter sessions.