Samuel P. Massie Elementary School

Upper Marlboro, Maryland

  • FIRM



    Prince George`s County Public Schools

  • AREA

    98,729 sq.ft.





Samuel P. Massie serves three public entities: Prince George’s County Public Schools, the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission, and the Prince George’s County Government Community Services. A central hall separates the school’s noisier, more active areas from its quieter, more academic areas. Instructional spaces are organized around an enclosed ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY790COST PER SQ FT$163.00FEATURED IN2004 Architectural Portfolio area, and all spaces have exterior windows. Serving as an outdoor learning environment, the courtyard also is an outdoor play area, and supports music and art programs.

Situated adjacent to the main entrance, the administrative spaces have visual access to the parent loop and bus dropoff areas to ensure safe, orderly access to the building. The media center, computer lab, and art and science rooms all are available to the community center for after-hours use. The multipurpose room and gymnasium have direct access from both the community center and school.

The community center is organized around a central control station where the staff can supervise and control activities. Prince George’s County Community Services is adjacent to the community center and shares its lobby.