Boyer Valley North, Elementary, Community and Early Childhood Center

Dow City, Iowa

The Boyer Valley Community School District was faced with two nearly century-old buildings that were consistently not meeting educational standards or space-curriculum requirements. Together with an independent facilities consultant, school administrators and the community developed a tax-management and master plan with the goals of improving educational delivery and ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONASSOCIATED FIRMPurdy & Slack Architects, Technical ServicesCAPACITY425COST PER SQ FT$64.51FEATURED IN2004 Architectural Portfolio school, family and community activities facilities. The independent cost-management plan saved the district 20 percent over statewide construction costs while delivering leading-edge educational and community facilities.

Boyer Valley North is an exemplary school/community center, and a cost-effective blend of new construction and preserved existing facilities. It serves early-childhood through adult needs with great flexibility for teaching delivery and hands-on experiences. Bright, stimulating learning environments join multifunctional activity areas to support a wide variety of before- and after-school programs, with easy access to technologies, reading development and other amenities.

The spacious, colorful activities center warmly invites community use, complementing the facility’s commitment to developmental and elementary needs.