Pinecrest School

Annandale, Virginia

  • FIRM

    MTFA Architecture


    Pinecrest School

  • AREA

    7,500 sq.ft.





This master plan and new building helped tie the existing campus together with an emphasis on linking program spaces with the site. The program accommodates 7,500 square feet, including four classrooms, an arts and science lab expansion, a computer lab, and a multipurpose assembly and indoor recreation space.

The project involved an innovative design approach, which ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY100COST PER SQ FT$96.00FEATURED IN2004 Architectural Portfolio a spirited environment for recreation and the formal education of children while keeping costs tightly under control. The design was conceived to reflect this integrated spirit of the school’s philosophy.

The final design used low-maintenance and cost-effective materials that focus light, energy and activity on specific program objectives. The design conveys the intended balance of a playful creative environment with a dignified academic campus building.