Lutheran Church of the Redeemer, Redeemer Lutheran Preschool

McLean, Virginia

  • FIRM

    MTFA Architecture


    Lutheran Church of the Redeemer

  • AREA

    16,800 sq.ft.





Lutheran Church of the Redeemer is an active, growing church. Its master plan more than doubles the size of the existing facilities. The first phase of the project provides new classroom, fellowship and recreation facilities. The final phase will expand the sanctuary to 900 seats.

The architect provided master planning, survey and analysis of existing conditions, ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY160COST PER SQ FT$136.90FEATURED IN2004 Architectural Portfolio of space and functional requirements, programming, development of multiple conceptual schemes, facilitation of congregational consensus, cost estimating, renderings, phase renovation and expansion, and architectural services through construction administration for the first phase of construction.

The unique challenge was to increase classroom, recreation and administration space while keeping the school in full operation. As the first step to a multiphased master plan, the architecture responds more to the future of the school than the previous building, which will be completed fully by the new additions.