Sharon Elementary School

Suwanee, Georgia

In one of the fastest-growing counties in America, finding a site to accommodate a school is a problem. The solution for this community is an architectural gem that is cost-effective, space-efficient and a pleasure to behold. Sharon Elementary School is a multistory, 154,766-square-foot K-5 facility designed to house more than 1,100 students in an environment infused ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONASSOCIATED FIRMMcFarland-Dyer and Associates, Inc., Engineering ServicesCAPACITY1,175COST PER SQ FT$88.35FEATURED IN2004 Architectural Portfolio vivid colors, natural light and attention to detail.

An expansive domed entrance pavilion commands attention, and a tremendous glass wall that spans 35 feet over the canopy illuminates the interior atrium. The curvature that begins with the dome is continued by the location of exit stairs contained in semi-circular drums at the extreme ends of the building. Student/bus dropoff is separated from the public entrance and features a flying bridge that connects to the second-floor student entrance.

All core areas are situated off the center spine of the school—the gymnasium, cafetorium and classrooms for grades K to 2 on the first level. The second level houses classrooms for grades 3 to 5, along with the spacious and bright media center. Extensive interior windows, tall ceilings and the use of interior bowing make the inside of the school as inspiring as the outside.