Mazie Gable Elementary School

Red Lion, Pennsylvania

  • FIRM

    Gilbert Architects Inc.


    Red Lion Area School District

  • AREA

    69,110 sq.ft.





Red Lion Area School District officials decided that the community would be better served by adding a new building rather than renovating the old elementary school. The new building houses 575 students in a single-story structure.

The general exterior incorporates images and motifs commonly found in rural Pennsylvania barns in order to complement the ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY575COST PER SQ FT$139.85FEATURED IN2004 Architectural Portfolio farmland. Furthermore, the interior design draws inspiration from Amish quilts, which reflect the strong cultural heritage found in York and Lancaster counties.

The design of the building focuses on a “main street” concept, situating all public spaces to the front of the building. The back portion is split into three wings housing first and second, third and fourth, and fifth and sixth grades. The wings are set up to allow maximum flexibility for classroom arrangements and for team-teaching.

The single-story K-6 building houses 22 general classrooms, two kindergarten classrooms and four special-education classrooms. Additional flex space, including a large-group instruction room, three small-group instruction spaces and a reading classroom, complement the building’s educational program. Public spaces include art and music classrooms, a central library and a multipurpose room with stage. Daylighting throughout the classrooms and corridors, and green architecture design were major focuses of the project.