Most Blessed Sacrament Catholic School

Berlin, Maryland

Most Blessed Sacrament Catholic School was designed to spark the imagination of young students. Their interest is piqued immediately at the front door, where a dynamic canopy and large cross announce the main entry. This entry leads to the center stair lobby, the core of the building, and is flanked by the media center, multipurpose area and the ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY300COST PER SQ FT$161.00FEATURED IN2004 Architectural Portfolio wing.

The lobby also acts as the junction between four academic pods, which were created by organizing four classrooms in each wing and on each floor around a shared central space. The result is a flexible learning space that can accommodate group instruction or support interaction between students of different ages.

The bright atmosphere was developed through a lively color palette and the inclusion of natural light in every space. Sunlight is directed into classrooms by way of multiple operable windows and then pulled into the pods, circulation and core spaces through additional interior glazing.

The building has a capacity of 300 students, but was designed with future expansion in mind, allowing for a long-term capacity of 500.